Precision Engraved Industrial Rolls and Plates

Trusted by the world’s most recognizable products

Engraving roll manufacturing

Engraved Rolls & Plates

Traditional engraving techniques paired with modern laser equipment.

Lifelike effects on a variety of materials.

Stock or custom design for rolls and embossing plates.

manufacturing engraved rolls

Roll Manufacturing

Precision turning, balancing and grinding equipment.

Designs for both OEMs and end users.

Includes everything from new manufactures to repairs and regrinds

Gravure print cylinder manufacturing

Gravure Cylinders

Custom gravure printing cylinders for floor covering, pharmaceutical, medical, decorative, and specialty industries.

Able to manufacture the largest print cylinders in the world.

Industry-leading lead times.




Visit us at booth 27 in April 2022.

See how we’re leveraging the latest advances in laser technology and multi-level designs to shorten lead times and enhance product performance. Stop by to discuss your latest challenge, and experience the outstanding support the Precision Roll Solutions companies are known for; from initial concept and pattern development to final delivery.

IR Engraving is the world leader in engraved rolls and plates, gravure rolls and custom machinery.

Our products and finishes are used in virtually every industry by the world’s largest manufacturers. In fact, there is no doubt that you have seen or purchased items that were produced using IR Engraving products.