IR Engraving

Worldwide Specialists in Textured Rolls, Plates, Gravure Rolls & Engineered Embossing Machinery

Founded in 1947, IR Engraving has earned its reputation as a world leader in designing and building engraved rolls and plates, gravure rolls and custom machinery. For almost 70 years, our customers have come to rely on us for superior service, quality and innovation to help them make their diverse array of products stand out from their competition.

In 2016, management acquired ownership of the business from Standex International Corporation to return the company to its privately-held roots. Now, as an entrepreneurial business with over 90 employees (and over 1,100 years of combined engraving experience), we are once again poised to aggressively grow with our customers.

About IR Engraving

IR Engraving is the world leader in engraved rolls and plates, gravure rolls and custom machinery. Our brands are prominent in the industry.

BF Perkins
Roehlen Engraving

IR International

Our products and finishes are used in virtually every industry by the world’s largest manufacturers. In fact, there is no doubt that you have seen or purchased items that were produced using IR Engraving products.