IR Engraving contributes market knowledge to help top brands stand apart

Wood grain texture deeply embossed into composite decking material.

Nature serves as the ultimate role model for decking and siding manufacturers, creating a high standard for producers of wood grain embossers. IR Engraving’s wood grain embossers highlight nature’s best while providing value that translates into business growth for our customers.

IR Engraving’s pattern development team uses its knowledge of brands, current product trends and overall market expertise to build wood grain embossers that check off all the boxes. These assets deliver end products that look more realistic than competing brands.

Nuanced patterns that mimic natural beauty help building products stand apart from the crowd and provide a distinct advantage in the marketplace. Whether your need is for new wood grain embossers or engraved roll duplication, IR Engraving can provide the pattern testing and development you need to build your brand.

Wood grain embossers provide advantages over natural products

The first step of an embossing roll production. After fine detail of pattern or texture are decided, the pattern is carefully transferred to the customer’s production roll for etching.

Wood grain embossers from IR Engraving give manufacturers the ability to control precise textures and colors in vinyl siding and decking. Creating patterns that sync multiple sensory variables into one predictable product is a result even Mother Nature can’t accomplish.

Our high-resolution scanning capabilities enable us to take natural samples and pick up even small amounts of color for luxury vinyl plank and other products. We can create a pattern that is embossed in such a way that laminated prints will line up with underlying textures, allowing end users to experience your product at a multi-sensory level.

Synthetic materials created with wood grain embossers offer the advantage of durability, sustainability, customization and the elimination of imperfections common in natural products. Customers who don’t want to spend the time and effort needed to find the natural colors and textures they desire are gravitating toward man-made products.

We design wood grain embossers to provide optimal slip resistance as a function of texture, with the ability to adequately and easily clean the surface — a key factor. Experienced designers at IR Engraving collaborate with customer design teams to determine the proper chemical makeup of the composite material and prevent whitening.

We take our lead from nature to create man-made products with a natural look. Our team can provide a test process that includes a computer rendering, physical samples, and even engraved test rolls of wood grain embossers with real-time results.

About IR Engraving

A closer look at the embossing process in action, where a custom embossed roll transfers the woodgrain pattern into building materials.

IR Engraving is a leader in the design and production of engraved rolls and plates, gravure rolls and custom machinery for a wide range of industries. As part of the Precision Roll Solutions family, we help the world’s leading manufacturers leverage texture and other process variables to make their products more effective and enhance their impact in the marketplace.

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