IR Engraving Now Offers Metal-Filled Epoxy Test Plates

When developing a new pattern with our design team, many customers want to see what their product will look like before engraving a production roll. IR Engraving is proud to offer a new product called Metal-Filled Epoxy Test Plates. This product is an aluminum filled casting resin which could be used for customers seeking small R&D plates to test their processes and patterns. Once it is properly post cured, it has a hardness of 85-90 shore “D” and can sustain working/continuous temperatures of 300F and intermittent temperatures upwards of 350F. This product’s original applications include prototype injection molds, compression molds, RIM molds, and various other high temp molding technology. The average casting size can range from 6” x 6” x ½” thick up to 24” x 24” x ½” thickness and would typically be casted from a silicone. Keep in mind that silicones can be derived from various original sources in order to make the final metalized plate.

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