Pattern Testing Made Easy with IR Engraving’s Pilot Line

Test runs save money compared to full-scale production costs

Pattern testing using sample engraved rolls answers some of the key questions that every manufacturer wants answered before committing to a major investment: Will it work and will it look good?

IR Engraving provides convenient pattern testing services in our Sandston, Virginia, plant thanks to our versatile pilot line testing capabilities. Our team can duplicate certain production line parameters so you can see your ideas become reality.

This opportunity for a low-cost research and development investment can jump-start your ability to turn a positive ROI. In fact, we will credit partial trial costs to future purchase orders to further enhance the benefits of pattern testing with us.

There are several options to choose from in terms of engraved rolls for your pattern testing run. You can use one of our existing engraved pilot rolls, or have a custom pilot roll created using your own design or one from our stock library. This includes leather grains, wood grains, slate, stucco, stone and geometrics.


Pattern testing helps dial-in manufacturing parameters

The number of variables that play a role in every process makes pattern testing a wise step in the development process. It can help your team pinpoint material properties, embossing roll specifications and other manufacturing parameters without the overhead of full-scale production.

Our pilot line testing facility features a 4-roll calender machine that can handle a variety of rolls and materials up to a 22-inch face. It is capable of oil-heating rolls up to 450 degrees and run at speeds as fast as 440 fpm.

We can make nip gap adjustments down to the thousandths of an inch, and the calender can handle up to 5,000 PLI.

All lab parameters will be set up to your specifications, ready to run. Feel free to attend your pattern testing session along with our onsite mechanical engineer and a technical sales representative.