Laser Engraving

We are continually redefining the application of laser technology for the converting industry. Our techniques for laser engraving enable us to etch into various materials to provide you with embossing, anilox, or gravure cylinders. IR Engraving’s laser capability includes both YAG and CO2 lasers to engrave cylinders in excess of 36″ diameter, 235″ length, and weighing 20,000 pounds.

Whether from your design concepts or modifications of designs in our vast library, we can provide endless combinations of two or three dimensional engraving. Our state-of-the-art lasers can engrave features as small as 20 microns in size with depths as shallow as .0007″ (20 microns) and as deep as 0.300″ (7,620 microns).

While the laser has become an indispensable tool in today’s environment, the ability to scan various artwork has become equally important in preparing a job for the laser engraver. Using our ability to extract an image from almost any surface, we then scan the image to provide true 3-dimensional input to laser. Modification of the stored images is facilitated by our state of the art software, thereby reducing lead times in obtaining the final design you seek.