Roll Technology

IR Engraving’s calendering systems and rolls are precision-engineered and constructed for years of trouble-free operation. Our systems and components are based on proven technologies and then customized with the exact parameters you need for your materials and application.

Identifying the right roll configuration is critical to a successful calender design. IR Engraving has created hundreds of configurations, or set-ups, over the years, one of which can be adapted to your application. With a wide variety of metal and resilient rolls available, IR Engraving can meet your specifications. Resilient rolls can either be fiber filled or covered with natural or synthetic material to produce uniform effects on web materials. Fiber fillings include our proprietary HRCC (heat-resistant carded cotton) and HRWC (heat-resistant wool cotton). The variety of natural and synthetic covers is virtually endless. Let us help you identify the most effective resilient roll for your application.

Metal rolls are engineered and constructed of double-shell forged steel or chilled iron to maintain a uniform roll-face temperature, with a profile variance within 2°F (1°C) while operating at up to 500° F (260° C). Metal rolls are available with many options, which include:

  • Nickel or chrome plated
  • Release coated
  • Precision ground
  • Heated or cooled
  • Hardened (case or through)